Mega Communications

Technology / IVR-Systems

With Mega Tech GmbH, the innovative hardware and software solutions flow together in the areas of Internet, network technology and IVR-Systems (Interactive Voice Response). Mega Tech brings the different key technologies of communication into harmony.

The department of IVR-Systems and Media Gateways is an OEM (Own Equipment Manufacturer) in the areas of computer telephony and TDM / IP Signaling. In 1996, the first self-developed IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems were put into operation.

The current generation of IVR-Systems of Mega Tech is based on a cPCI System under the Microsoft Windows Server. It is applied by the IP-boards from the company, Aculab (Prosody) as well as by Dialogic. Also new in the portfolio of Mega Tech, is the Any to Any Protocol Converter which is applied as signaling gateways.

Additionally, telephony applications can be converted by nearly any TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) Signaling Protocol to IP and vice versa.

An additional main focus is the setup of switching routes under SS7 (Signaling System 7) either as simple SS7 links with local CICs or redundant SS7 links with local or remote CICs.